Stop killing with your meetings and start running killer meetings!

We have all been there, trapped in unproductive work meetings with discussions that never seem to end. When you finally get back to your desk you think, man, I wish I could get those two hours back. 

Apart from wanting to make a tool to help develop effective teams and change corporate cultures more efficiently, we created Gyrate app to help solve a few issues that had been tormenting us in our own careers. Long, unproductive meetings that would only steal valuable time and energy being one.

As a result, we added some features to the app. Now, the Gyrate approach to effective meetings is fairly simple, because we like things to be simple and efficient. All you need is a mobile phone and some good behaviours.

Here’s what you do:
Align the team on the behaviours you want to cultivate in meetings. Then spend a few minutes at the end of each meeting (weekly or once or twice a month) providing feedback to each other on the performance on those behaviours in the app on your mobile phone. 

Now, here are some of the behaviours our clients are successfully applying in their meetings, bringing back the intention and purpose of the meetings, making the meetings even more effective, engaging and productive:

“We propose solutions that add value” and “We speak up” (used for team member feedback), 
Focused on the agenda”, “Informs the team”, “Removes obstacles” (team lead feedback).

With these suggestions you can start working with your team and find YOUR best practice. Start conducting killer meetings instead of killing with your meetings 😀

Meetings don’t have to be endless to be eternal.

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