Want to maximize the effect of your leadership training? Here’s a step you can add to your finish

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I get really excited by a great coaching session, and I usually leave all fired up and ready to take on the world when I get back to work. But more times than not, I get knocked off course somewhere in between an overflowing inbox, meetings and all other things needing my attention.

Slowly but surely I’m right back where I left, in my old routines doing things exactly the way I’ve always done.

There are of course those that do manage to keep on track and work on their improvements by themselves, but for most of us life tends to get in the way and we get caught up elsewhere.

And no matter how successful a coaching session is while it’s underway if it doesn’t lead to change, it’s not effective.

So I started looking into how to prolong the effect of leadership coaching. How could the coaches help their participants keep the momentum from the coaching sessions when they get back to work, and continue working on those specific leadership skills their company wants to cultivate?

There’s one simple step I found that can maximize the effect and adding value to your training: Tracking the Progress using Peer Feedback

When you are working on developing certain leadership skills, wouldn’t it make sense to have a few of the leaders’ peers/employees/leaders pay special attention to whether or not they’re showcasing those skills in their everyday leadership?

Let the colleagues provide regular feedback on those skills, and that way they will ensure that the leaders stay on course.

Best of all, by tracking the progress you would add the benefit of knowing exactly when the goal is reached and the work is done!

There are a few feedback tools on the market for tracking and driving progress during performance developments, I know because my company recently launched one!

How it works

  • Pick a team of feedbackers (peers, employees, leader)
  • Put in the metrics for the feedback (the specific leadership skills/behaviors the company wants to cultivate) in the tracking tool
  • Start tracking the progress, monitoring the everyday performance of the specific leadership skills by feedback from colleagues   

“What gets measured gets done!”

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