Three easy steps to change your company culture

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Changing a company culture can be challenging, but it does not need to be. Follow these three steps and you will soon see results in the right direction.  

A company’s culture is the personality of a company, the DNA. It not only defines the environment in which we work, but it’s also what we do, what we say and the way we say it. The culture not only influences the way we treat each other but also the way we treat our customers.

Your organization’s culture can be what makes your company stand out next to your competitors.

Growing the right culture

Developing the right culture can help attract the best talents and retain your employees and it can even affect business performance in a good way. A recent study from the University of Warwick shows that companies investing in the employees and the company culture are likely to be rewarded with a rise in productivity.

Three steps to make the shift and make it stick

It easy to fall into the trap of focusing solely on the strategy without defining exactly how the employees are going help accomplish a company culture change. If you want to make a change, you need to start with the behaviors.

I will share with you three easy but effective steps that will make a huge impact on your organization’s culture:

1. Clarify the results

Start with the business goals for your company and your teams and define what you need to accomplish in order to reach those goals. 

2. Take action

Now that you have defined the scope of what is expected within the teams, the next step is to align expectations with the behaviors. Define what kind of behaviors your team needs to have to fulfill those expectations and obtain the results. Let your team be part of this process.

One of the most important steps when making a change is to provide a clear and actionable path for the change. Give your employee a clear understanding of how the change affects his or her everyday work tasks. 

Break down the desired results into observable behaviors, and show your employees not only what is going to change, but also how you are going to do it.

3. Make it stick

Now you need to follow up. There are a lot of different management tools in this area. Our approach is to let the team assess each other on behavioral performance. There are several ways you can do this – ours is using a 360 feedback tool.

A feedback tool can help you keep the focus on the right behaviors on a permanent basis. By letting the employees feedback each other on the performance on those behaviors, will help keep your culture on track.  

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