Welcome to GyRate


GyRate in a nutshell

GyRate app aims at increasing team efficiency, and driving the organisational culture by managing the behaviours of employees, facilitating 360 feedback. 


Track performance and build high performing teams. Know each employee’s strengths and development areas. Clarify expectations and commit to the decisions made.


Manage employee development by letting the employees help each other grow. Get the statistics to reward accordingly. Have no confusion or surprises in the next performance conversation.


Focus on behaviors that help deliver business goals and grow the right culture. Drive engagement and build trust. Continuously improve your leaders and teams.

All in one app

Why Gyrate?

painfree feedback

360 feedback based on the performance of behaviors - not personal features.

Accurate statistics

See your own reviews given and received. Team leader overview of team member results.

Tailored metrics

Tap into a flexible, metric system, enabling you to customize the feedback to your needs.

Tap and share

Quick and easy to share your review in the app, simply tap or gyrate the feedback wheel.

Dashboard quick view

Easy access to a dashboard with your overall review score and your 30 day trend.

Clear communication

Open communication between team members and team leader.

At your service!

We’re an experienced team dedicated to people development and appreciation of performance, helping organisations build successful cultures and effective teams. We will help navigate before, during and after the process, and will assist with any questions you might have.